EasyTithe Donations

There are many ways to donate your time, talents, and treasure to the Church. St John is one of the few Saints, who is called a theologian, and St Avagrios1 once said that “A true theologian is a person of prayer; and a person of prayer is a true theologian.” Thus, please don’t undervalue the need to pray, not only for us but for the whole Church.

Even so, thank you for considering supporting our mission!

For those of you who wish to submit a financial donation to our mission, the “Donate with EasyTithe” hyperlink will take you to the EasyTithe page for our sponsoring parish, St Justin Martyr OCA. To donate to our mission using the link below, and assuming you have already registered your payment options with EasyTithe, you will need to click the arrow next to the fund selection-menu (which by default is set to “Tithe”) and select the fund called “St. John Theologian – Gainesville” (i.e. to assign your contribution to our Mission).

Donate with EasyTithe!

1Cf. Evagrios the Solitary, “On Prayer,” in G. E. H. Palmer, Phillip Sherrard, and Kallistos Ware, eds., The Philokalia (London: Faber and Faber, 1979), vo. I, 62.